Benefits of Voter ID

Voter Confidence

Poll after poll shows that over 80% of Minnesotans want a photo ID requirement to vote. This shows that the public does not have full confidence in the fairness of our current election system. Fair, transparent elections are essential to the functioning of our representative republic. We deserve to have confidence in the integrity of our election system.  Nothing inspires that confidence like photo ID.

Prevents Fraud Influencing Elections

Voter fraud is generally only detected after the fact, if at all and investigating and prosecuting election crimes is difficult and costly. It’s far better to prevent fraudulent voting than to track it down after the votes have already been counted.

Makes Life A Little Easier for Disadvantaged Voters

The voter ID bill will help people who may be having a hard time getting along in society because of a lack of identification by providing ID at no charge. This has the added benefit of enabling people to get work, open bank accounts and participate in other normal functions of society that are impossible without photo ID.

Integrates Seamlessly with “Motor Voter”

The “Motor Voter” law established a voter registration system for people applying for or renewing their drivers license or state ID card. Requiring that ID at the polls is a logical extention of Motor Voter. Utilizing the same database for state identification and elections just makes sense.

Allows Use of 21st Century Election Systems

Requring a state-issued photo ID enables the use of common technology to further improve the integrity and efficiency of our election system. A simple computer terminal and a card reader could replace old-fashioned, wasteful and error-prone paper voter registrations and roster books when coupled with an ID requirement. Long lines could be eliminated, voter check-in would be faster, data more accurate and less money would be spent on ineffecient, out-dated data entry practices.