About Us

 Protect My Vote is the official ballot committee established to pass the Minnesota Voter ID Amendment. Our founders have been leading the charge for Voter ID in Minnesota for the past 4 years.

We have done extensive work in researching and exposing Minnesota’s election integrity problems as well helping to craft the Voter ID Amendment.  We are the only group endorsed by the Voter ID Amendment bill authors.

We believe Voter ID can go a long way to improving the integrity of Minnesota’s election system.

Polls show that Voter ID is supported by a supermajority of Minnesota voters.  Regardless of party affiliation, age, income, race or creed, most Minnesotans support Voter ID.

 Please lend your support to the Voter ID campaign by pledging to vote YES, making a donation and volunteering to help.

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Protect My Vote

1730 New Brighton Blvd, PMB 221

Minneapolis, MN 55413

612.223.6330 Phone

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