Gold Star Mom Outraged by Secretary of State’s Campaign against Voter ID

Objects to Taxpayer Resources Being Used for Political Propaganda

St. Paul – Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s ongoing political campaign against Voter ID has drawn the ire of the president of the Minnesota Chapter of American Gold Star Mothers.

Barbara Farrell received a letter from the secretary of state’s office urging her and the Gold Star Mothers to stand against the Voter ID amendment. Included with the letter was a document written by Ramsey County Elections Manager containing baseless speculation about the amendment’s supposed impacts on military voters. “Minnesota voters can veto this bill and send it back to the legislature by voting ‘no’ on November 6th,” Mansky’s enclosed document concludes.

“I am outraged by the letter, because in it, Mark Ritchie says that the new voter amendment, if passed would take away the military vote and make it more difficult for our military personnel overseas to vote, when that is not the case,” said Farrell. “I’m also outraged that he would use state resources to campaign against an issue that as secretary of state, he should be neutral on.”

Farrell recorded her statements in a video released today by Minnesota Majority.

“This is completely beyond the pale,” said Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis. “The ongoing use of taxpayer resources in the secretary of state’s unethical campaign against the Voter ID amendment should offend every Minnesota taxpayer and voter. It’s blatant, brazen and worst of all, what the secretary of state is saying isn’t true.”

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